Translation of bombo in English:


bass drum, n.

masculine noun

  • 1

    (instrumento) bass drum
    (músico) bass drummer
    tengo la cabeza como un bombo I've (got) a splitting headache
    • con bombos y platillos / (Spain) a bombo y platillo with a great fanfare
    • el pacto se firmó con bombos y platillos a great song and dance was made about the signing of the treaty
    • darle bombo a algo
    • se le ha dado mucho bombo a la película the movie's been given a lot of hype
    • darse bombo to blow one's own trumpet
  • 2

    (de un sorteo)
  • 3

    • 3.1River Plate informal (de una mujer embarazada)

      le hizo un bombo he got her in the family way / the club informal
      • tenía un bombo de película she was huge

    • 3.2Southern Cone informal (culo)

      butt US informal
      bum British informal
      irse al bombo to go to pot informal