Translation of candela in English:


fire, n.

feminine noun

  • 1

    ¿tienes candela? have you got a light?
    • no te acerques a la candela don't go too near the fire
    • dar candela to be a nuisance
    • darle candela a algn to beat sb up
    • echar candela
    • estaba que echaba candela she was fuming / seething / livid
    • estar en la candela to be at the center of things
    • jugar con candela to play with fire
    • ser/estar candela
    • líderes que son candela firm leaders
    • el discurso estaba candela the speech was hard-hitting
    • el examen estuvo candela the exam was really tough
    • toma candela pretty good, eh?
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