Translation of causa in English:


cause, n.

feminine noun

  • 1

    la causa de todas mis desgracias the cause of / the reason for all my misfortunes
    • sería causa suficiente de divorcio it would be adequate grounds for divorce
    • se enfadó sin causa alguna she got annoyed for no good reason / for no reason at all
    • aún no se conocen las causas del accidente the cause of the accident is still unknown
    • relación de causa-efecto cause and effect relationship
    • a / por causa de because of
    • el partido se suspendió a causa del tiempo the match was postponed because of / on account of / owing to the weather
    • la cosecha se malogró por causa de las heladas the crop failed because of the frost
  • 2

    (ideal, fin)
    una causa perdida a lost cause
    • defender una causa to defend a cause
    • hacer causa común con algn to make common cause with sb
  • 3

    (pleito) lawsuit
    (proceso) trial
    seguir una causa contra algn to try sb
    • el juicio por la causa que se sigue contra ella por estafa the trial at which she faces charges for / is being tried for fraud
  • 4

    Peruvian dish of spiced mashed potatoes