Translation of convidar in English:


to invite, v.

transitive verb

  • 1

    to invite
    convidar a algn a algo to invite sb to sth
    • nos convidaron a unas copas en el bar they invited us to have / invited us for a few drinks in the bar
    • convidar a algn a + inf to invite sb to + inf
    • me convidó a pasar unos días en su casa she invited me to spend a few days at her house
  • 2Latin America

    to offer
    ¿qué estás comiendo? ¿no me convidas? what are you eating? aren't you going to offer me any?
    • convidar a algn con algo / convidarle algo a algn to offer sth to sb
    • me convidó con bombones he offered me some chocolates