Translation of desahogar in English:


to give vent to, v.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (penas) to give vent to
    (ira/rabia) to vent
    (ira/rabia) to give vent to
    desahogó toda su furia en él she vented all her anger on him

pronominal verb


  • 1

    me desahogué llorando I cried and after that I felt much better
    • salí a correr para desahogarme I went for a run to let off steam
    • se desahogó dándole patadas a la rueda he vented his anger ( / frustration etc. ) by kicking the wheel
    • no tenía con quien desahogarme there was no-one I could talk to to get it off my chest
    • se desahogó conmigo she poured her heart out to me