Translation of destemplar in English:


transitive verb

Peru, Colombia

  • 1

    (guitarra/violín) to make … go out of tune
  • 2

    (nervios) to fray
    lo único que hizo fue destemplar los ánimos he only made everyone even more agitated / made things even more fraught
  • 3Latin America

    (dientes) to set … on edge

pronominal verb

Peru, Colombia

  • 1

    to become unwell
    (con fiebre) to get a slight fever
    (con fiebre) to get a bit of a temperature British
  • 2

    (tiempo) to become unpleasant
    (tiempo) to become unsettled
  • 3

    (instrumento) to go out of tune
  • 4

    (herramienta) to lose its edge
  • 5Mexico, Andes

    + me/te/le etc al oír ese ruido se me destemplan los dientes that noise sets my teeth on edge