Translation of desvelar in English:


to keep … awake, v.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (persona) to keep … awake
    (persona) to stop … from sleeping
  • 2

    (revelar) to reveal
    (revelar) to disclose
    (descubrir) to discover
    (descubrir) to uncover

pronominal verb

  • 1

    (perder el sueño)
    nos pusimos a hablar y me desvelé we began talking and I felt wide awake again
    • me desperté cuando llegó y me desvelé I woke up when he arrived and I couldn't get back to sleep again
    • no tomes tanto café que te vas a desvelar don't drink so much coffee, it'll stop you sleeping / it'll keep you awake
  • 2

    desvelarse por algo/algn
    • se desvela por que no les falte nada a sus hijos she does her utmost / her very best to make sure her children have all they need
    • yo me desvelo por él y así me lo agradece I do my utmost for him / go out of my way for him and this is the thanks I get