Translation of disparate in English:


masculine noun

  • 1

    (acción insensata, cosa absurda)
    hacer disparates to do stupid (or silly etc.) things
    • decir disparates to make foolish remarks
    • cometió / hizo el disparate de conducir bebido he was stupid enough to drink and drive
    • hizo muchos disparates durante su juventud he did a lot of silly things / made a lot of foolish mistakes in his youth
    • es un disparate casarse tan joven it's stupid / it's madness / it's absurd to get married so young
    • es un disparate que te gastes tanto en ropa you're crazy spending / it's crazy to spend so much on clothes
    • está tan deprimido que temo que haga algún disparate he's so depressed that I'm afraid he might do something stupid
    • su discurso fue una sarta de disparates his speech was a load of nonsense / drivel / twaddle
  • 2informal

    (cantidad exagerada)
    ridiculous amount
    crazy amount
  • 3