Translation of habilitar in English:


to fit out, v.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (lugar) to fit out
    han habilitado el sótano como discoteca the basement has been fitted out as a discotheque
    • el local todavía no está habilitado para ser ocupado the premises are not yet ready for occupation / have not yet been fitted out
  • 2

    (institución/persona) to authorize
    el título la habilita para enseñar the diploma qualifies / authorizes / enables her to teach
    • está habilitada para cobrar la pensión de su madre she is empowered / authorized to collect her mother's pension
    • este documento lo habilita para venderlos this document authorizes / empowers him to sell them
  • 3formal

    Business Finance
    tendrá que ser habilitado con los fondos suficientes it will have to be provided with sufficient funds formal
  • 4Colombia

    University School
    to retake
    to make up US
    to resit British