Translation of hartar in English:


transitive verb

  • 1

    (cansar, fastidiar)
    me estás empezando a hartar con tus quejas your complaints are beginning to get on my nerves
  • 2informal

    hartar a algn a / de algo
    • nos hartaban a sopa de verduras they used to give us vegetable soup until it came out of our ears
    • entre los tres lo hartaron a palos the three of them gave him a real beating

pronominal verb

  • 1

    (cansarse, aburrirse)
    to get fed up
    un día se hartó y se fue one day he got fed up and left
    • hartarse de algo to get tired / sick of sth
    • ya me estoy hartando de tus tonterías I'm getting tired of / sick of / fed up with your nonsense
    • hartarse de algn to tire of sb
    • pronto se hartará de él she'll soon tire of him / get tired of him / get fed up with him
    • hartarse de + inf to get fed up with-ing
    • me harté de repetírselo I got tired / sick of telling him over and over again
    • hartarse de que + subj
    • me harté de que se burlara de mí I got fed up with / I got tired of her making fun of me
  • 2

    comieron hasta hartarse they gorged themselves
    • hartarse de or a algo to gorge oneself on sth
    • vamos a hartarnos de mariscos y champán we're going to gorge ourselves on / stuff ourselves with shellfish and champagne