Translation of humo in English:


smoke, n.

masculine noun

  • 1

    (de tabaco, de un incendio) smoke
    (gases) fumes
    empezó a echar humo smoke started pouring out of it
    • hacerse humo to make oneself scarce
    • a la hora de pagar siempre se hace humo when it's time to pay the bill he always makes himself scarce / does a vanishing trick
    • irse/venirse al humo
    • llegó con las tortas y los chicos se fueron al humo she arrived with the cakes and the kids gathered round like bees around a honey pot
    • llegar al humo de las velas to arrive just as everyone is leaving
    • donde hay humo hay fuego there's no smoke without fire
    • echar humo por las orejas to be fuming
  • 2humos masculine plural

    ¡vaya humos que tiene! she really thinks she's the bees knees / the cat's whiskers informal
    • bajarle los humos a algn to take sb down a peg or two
    • subírsele los humos a la cabeza a algn
    • se le han subido los humos a la cabeza he's become very high and mighty / very stuck-up