Translation of impedir in English:


to prevent, v.

transitive verb

  • 1

    to prevent
    no logró impedir el accidente she was unable to prevent the accident
    • nos impidió el paso he blocked our way
    • esta válvula impide el paso del gas this valve stops / blocks the flow of gas
    • nadie te lo impide nobody's stopping you
    • impedirle a algn + inf to prevent sb from-ing
    • el dolor le impedía caminar the pain prevented her from walking / meant that she couldn't walk / stopped her walking
    • impedir que + subj
    • quiso impedir que nos viéramos she tried to stop us seeing each other
    • tenemos que impedir que ocurra otra vez we must stop / prevent it happening again
  • 2

    to hamper
    to hinder
    la ropa me impedía los movimientos my clothes hampered / hindered / impeded my movements