Translation of indiferente in English:



  • 1

    (poco importante, de poco interés)
    es indiferente que salga hoy o mañana it doesn't matter / it makes no difference / it's immaterial whether it goes today or tomorrow
    • ¿té o café? — me es indiferente tea or coffee? — either / I don't mind / it makes no difference
    • no me cae mal, me es indiferente I don't dislike her, I don't really have any feelings one way or the other
    • todo lo que no sea de su especialidad le es indiferente he's not interested in anything that isn't connected with his speciality
    • me es indiferente su amistad I'm not concerned about his friendship
  • 2

    (poco interesado)
    se mostró totalmente indiferente ante mi propuesta he was totally indifferent to / uninterested in my suggestion
    • indiferente a algo indifferent to sth
    • indiferente al peligro indifferent to / unconcerned about the danger
    • permanecieron/se mostraron indiferentes a mis súplicas they remained/they were indifferent to my pleas
  • 3

    (poco amable, afectuoso)
    conmigo es fría e indiferente she treats me coldly and with indifference
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