Translation of intentar in English:


to try, v.

transitive verb

  • 1

    to try
    ¡no te des por vencido, inténtalo otra vez! don't give up, try again! / have another try!
    • ¿qué pierdes con intentarlo? what have you got to lose by trying?
    • el piloto intentó un aterrizaje de emergencia the pilot attempted an emergency landing
    • intentar + inf to try to + inf
    • intentaré convencerlo I'll try to persuade him
    • intentaban escalar el pico más alto they were attempting / trying to climb the highest peak
    • intenta llegar temprano try and arrive early
    • intentar que + subj
    • ¿has intentado que te lo arreglen? have you tried getting / to get it fixed?
    • intenta que no te vean try not to let them see you
    • por intentarlo que no quede there's no harm in trying