Translation of jodido in English:


tricky, adj.

adjectiveFeminine jodida

  • 1

    • 1.1vulgar slang informal (difícil)

      (trabajo) tricky
      (trabajo) tough informal
      es jodido criar los hijos solo bringing kids up on your own is really hard
      • es un tipo muy jodido de tratar he's a very difficult guy to deal with

    • 1.2vulgar slang informal (maldito)

      fucking vulgar slang
      damn informal
      goddamn US informal
      bloody British slang
      sodding British slang

    • 1.3Latin America vulgar slang informal (exigente)

      tough informal

  • 2

    • 2.1vulgar slang informal (estropeado)

      (radio/ascensor) bust informal
      (ascensor/radio) buggered British slang

    • 2.2vulgar slang informal (enfermo)

      in a bad way informal

    • 2.3vulgar slang informal (deprimido)

      down informal
      anda muy jodido he's really down (in the dumps) informal

  • 3Colombia informal