Translation of lograr in English:


to attain, v.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (objetivo) to attain
    (objetivo) to achieve
    (éxito) to achieve
    no logró lo que quería he didn't achieve his aim
    • solo logró el quinto puesto she only managed fifth place
    • lograron una victoria histórica en la final they won / achieved a historic victory in the final
    • lograr + inf to manage to + inf
    • lograron llegar a la cima they managed to reach the top
    • no logró convencerla he did not manage to / he failed to persuade her
    • todavía no han logrado asumir esta realidad they still haven't come to terms with this fact
    • lograr + subj
    • por fin logró que le pagaran he finally got them to pay him