Translation of mediar in English:


to mediate, v.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    mediar ante algn to intercede / intervene with sb
    • 1.1(intervenir)

      to mediate
      mediar en algo to act as mediator (in sth)
      • medió en las negociaciones entre los secuestradores y el gobierno she acted as intermediary / she mediated in the negotiations between the kidnappers and the government

    • 1.2(interceder)

      to intercede
      to intervene
      mediar por algn to intercede for sb / on sb's behalf

  • 2

    • 2.1

      entre los dos hechos mediaron cinco meses the two incidents were separated by an interval of five months
      • entre los dos pueblos median 50 kms the two villages are separated by a distance of 50 kms
      • me parece bastante inteligente pero de ahí a decir que es un genio media un abismo he seems quite intelligent but that's a long way from saying he's a genius
      • siempre medió entre nosotros un abismo we were always poles / worlds apart
      • pasé la primera prueba pero de ahí a tener el puesto media un buen trecho I passed the first test but I'm still a long way from getting the job

    • 2.2(interponerse)

      sin mediar palabra, se levantó y se marchó without saying a word, she got up and left
      • no debemos permitir que medien intereses personales we must not allow personal interests to enter into it

  • 3

    media la circunstancia de que es casado the fact is that he's married