Translation of nacer in English:


to be born, v.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    nacer para algo
    • yo no nací para esta clase de trabajo I wasn't born to do this kind of work
    • nació para (ser) músico he was born to be a musician
    • naciste/nació parado you have/he has the luck of the devil
    • no nací/nació ayer I/he wasn't born yesterday
    • volver a nacer or nacer de nuevo to have a lucky escape
    • 1.1

      (niño/gato/cordero) to be born
      ¿dónde naciste? where were you born?
      • pesaba tres kilos al nacer she weighed three kilos at birth
      • nacer antes de tiempo to be born prematurely
      • el niño nació muerto the child was stillborn
      • nacer de algn to be born to sb
      • nació en el Perú, de padres españoles she was born in Peru to / of Spanish parents

    • 1.2

      (pollito/insecto) to hatch

    • 1.3

      (rama/hoja) to sprout
      le han nacido nuevas flores a la planta the plant has produced / grown some new flowers

    • 1.4

      (río) to rise
      (río) to have its source
      (carretera) to start
      la pinza nace debajo de la manga the dart starts under the sleeve

    • 1.5

      (plumas/pelo) to grow
      le nacieron alas he sprouted wings
      • ya le volverá a nacer el pelo his hair will soon grow back

  • 2

    • 2.1(surgir)

      una gran amistad nació entre ellos a great friendship grew / sprang up / developed between them
      • a ella no le nace ser amable con la gente being nice to people doesn't come naturally to her
      • no me nace ser simpático con él I find it difficult to be nice to him

    • 2.2

      nacer de algo to arise / spring from sth
      • nace de su inseguridad this arises / springs from his insecurity

    • 2.3literary (iniciarse)

      nacer a algo to be awakened to sth literary
      • nacer al amor to experience love for the first time