Translation of nomás in English:



  • 1Latin America

    pase nomás come on in
    • démelo así nomás, sin envolver don't bother wrapping it, I'll take it as it is
    • no lo vas a convencer así nomás you're not going to convince him as easily as that
    • vive aquí nomás, a dos cuadras she lives just two blocks away from here
    • déjelo aquí nomás just leave it here
    • aquí nomás está la puerta the door's right here
    • lo dijo por molestar nomás she only said it to be difficult
    • ayer nomás lo vi I saw him only yesterday
    • ahora nomás viene Teresa Teresa will be here any minute now
    • nomás de imaginármelo me pongo a temblar I tremble at the mere thought of it
    • faltan dos días nomás there are just / only two days to go
  • 2

    nomás (que) as soon as
    • nomás (que) tenga dinero te invito a comer as soon as I have some money, I'll buy you lunch