Translation of nos in English:


us, pron.

personal pronoun

  • 1

    • 1.1(como complemento directo, indirecto)

      nos ayudaron mucho they helped us a lot
      • escúchanos listen to us
      • nos han robado el coche we've had our car stolen
      • ¿nos explicas cómo se hace? can you tell us / explain (to us) how it's done?
      • nos lo trajeron ayer they brought it yesterday
      • nos lo quitó she took it off us / away from us
      • a nosotros no nos dijo nada she didn't say anything to us
      • a Pablo y a mí nos trató muy bien he treated Pablo and me very well
      • se nos quedó el coche a mitad de camino our car broke down halfway there
      • que no se nos vaya a echar atrás ahora I hope she isn't going to back out on us now
      • el día del picnic nos llovió/hizo mal tiempo on the day of the picnic it rained (on us)/the weather was bad / we had bad weather

    • 1.2

      nos hicimos daño we hurt ourselves
      • sentémonos let's sit down
      • nos vamos a hacer socios del club we're going to become members of / join the club

    • 1.3(recíproco)

      ella y yo nos conocemos desde hace años she and I have known each other for years

  • 2archaic

    (como sujeto)
    nos, los representantes del pueblo we, the representatives of the people