Translation of paz in English:


peace, n.

feminine noun

  • 1

    Politics Military
    firmar la paz to sign a peace agreement / treaty
    • en épocas de paz in peacetime
    • estar / quedar en paz to be quits / even
    • hacer las paces to make up
    • poner paz to make peace
    • y en paz
    • si no tienes las seis libras dame cinco y en paz if you haven't got six pounds, give me five and we'll call it quits
    • si no lo quieres hacer me lo dices y en paz if you don't want to do it, just tell me and that'll be an end to it
    • nos dijeron en dos palabras cómo había que hacerlo y en paz they explained very briefly how to do it and that was that
  • 2

    en busca de paz y tranquilidad in search of peace and tranquillity
    • el marido no la deja vivir en paz her husband doesn't give her a moment's peace
    • ¡deja en paz el reloj/al gato! leave the clock/the cat alone!
    • ¡déjame en paz! leave me alone!
    • déjala en paz, está estudiando leave her alone / leave her in peace, she's studying
    • vivir en paz consigo mismo to be at peace with oneself
    • descanse en paz rest in peace
    • tu abuelo, que en paz descanse, se horrorizaría your grandfather, God rest his soul, would be horrified