Translation of pega in English:


trick, n.

feminine noun

  • 1informal

    es una araña de pega it's a joke / trick spider
    • hacer pegas to play tricks / jokes
    • estar en la pega to be in the know
  • 2Spain informal

    (dificultad, inconveniente)
    snag informal
    la única pega es que queda lejos the only problem / drawback / snag is that it's a long way away
    • a todo lo que le propongo le encuentra alguna pega he finds something wrong with everything I suggest
    • te ponen muchas pegas si intentas reclamarlo they make it really difficult for you to claim it
    • ¡sin pegas! no problem!
  • 3

    • 3.1Andes informal (trabajo)

      tengo mucha pega I'm snowed under with work informal

    • 3.2Andes informal (empleo)

      buscar pega to look for work / for a job
      • está sin pega he's out of work

    • 3.3Andes informal (lugar)


  • 4Chile informal

    (excusa tonta)
    feeble excuse