Translation of pretender in English:


transitive verb

  • 1

    (intentar, aspirar)
    ¿qué pretendes con esa actitud? what do you hope to gain with that attitude?
    • ¿pero qué pretendes? ¿que haga yo tu trabajo? what are you after? you want me to do your work?
    • ¿qué pretendes de mí? what do you expect of me?
    • pretender + inf to try to + inf
    • no pretenderás hacerlo tú sola you're not going to try to do it / try and do it alone
    • pretendía hacerme cambiar de opinión she was out to make me change my mind
    • ¿qué pretendes decir con eso? what are you getting at?
    • pretende engañarme con sus mentiras he's trying to fool me with his lies
    • con la campaña se pretende llamar la atención sobre el problema it is hoped that the campaign will draw attention to the problem
    • pretender que + subj
    • ¿pretendes que crea esa mentira? do you expect me to believe such a lie?
    • si pretendes que te aprueben porque eres mi hijo, estás muy equivocado if you expect them to pass you / if you're hoping they'll pass you because you're my son, you're badly mistaken
    • solo pretendo que sea feliz I just want her to be happy
  • 2dated

    (mujer) to woo dated
    la pretenden varios hombres several men are wooing her / are trying to win her hand dated