Translation of propósito in English:


masculine noun

  • 1

    tiene el firme propósito de dejar de fumar she's intent on giving up smoking
    • mi propósito era salir mañana, pero tuve que aplazar el viaje I was intending / I was aiming to leave tomorrow, but I had to postpone the trip
    • se ha hecho el propósito de correr una hora diaria she's made up her mind / she's resolved / she's decided to go running for an hour every day
    • buenos propósitos good intentions
    • se hizo con el único propósito de proteger a estas especies it was done with the sole aim / purpose of protecting these species
    • con el propósito de comprarse un coche, se puso a ahorrar he started to save up in order to buy himself a car / with the intention of buying himself a car
    • vagaba por el pueblo sin propósito alguno he wandered aimlessly around the village
    • lo hizo con el propósito de molestarme she did it just to annoy me
    • se fue con el firme propósito de volver al año siguiente he left with the firm intention of returning the following year
  • 2

    a propósito
    • no lo hice a propósito I didn't do it deliberately / on purpose
    • se hizo un vestido a propósito para la ocasión she had a dress made specially for the occasion
    • me encontré con Carlos Ruiz. A propósito, te manda saludos I bumped into Carlos Ruiz, who sends you his regards, by the way
    • me costó $100 — a propósito, recuerda que me debes $50 I paid $100 for it — which reminds me / speaking of which, don't forget you owe me $50
    • a propósito de trenes ¿cuándo te vas? speaking of trains / on the subject of trains, when are you leaving?
    • ¿a propósito de qué viene eso? — a propósito de nada, era solo un comentario what did you say that for / why did you say that? — for no particular reason, it was just a comment
    • hice un comentario a propósito de sus amigos I made a comment about his friends