Translation of pulso in English:


pulse, n.

masculine noun

  • 1

    le tomó el pulso she took his pulse
    • tomarle el pulso a algo to gauge sth
    • para tomarle el pulso a la opinión pública in order to gauge / sound out public opinion
  • 2

    (firmeza en la mano)
    tengo muy mal pulso I have a very unsteady hand
    • para este trabajo hace falta tener muy buen pulso this job requires a very steady hand
    • me temblaba el pulso my hand was shaking
  • 3

    (sin ayuda)
    lo levantó a pulso he lifted it with his bare hands
    • una línea hecha a pulso a line drawn without a ruler / drawn freehand
    • ganarse algo a pulso to deserve sth
    • y que conste que se lo ha ganado a pulso and he's really earned it / worked for it, I can tell you
  • 4

    arm-wrestling match
    echar un pulso to arm wrestle
    • un pulso entre reformadores y tradicionalistas a trial of strength between reformers and traditionalists