Translation of remediar in English:


to remedy, v.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (problema/situación) to remedy
    (daño) to repair
    esto se puede remediar fácilmente this can be put right quite easily
    • solo la muerte no se puede remediar there's a cure for everything except death
    • hicieron lo posible por remediar los efectos de la sequía they did everything possible to repair the damage done by the drought
    • la has ofendido ¿qué piensas hacer para remediarlo? you've offended her, what are you going to do to put things right / to make it up to her?
    • con pedirle perdón no remedias nada saying you're sorry won't solve anything
    • tratando solo los síntomas no se remedia el problema the problem won't be solved by treating the symptoms alone
  • 2

    me puse a llorar, no lo pude remediar I burst into tears, I couldn't help it / I couldn't help myself
    • tuve que pagarle 500 pesos más, no pude remediarlo there was nothing else for it / there was no alternative, I had to give him another 500 pesos
    • le tengo gran antipatía, no lo puedo remediar I can't help it, I really can't stand him