Translation of ropa in English:


clothes, n.

feminine noun

  • 1

    quítate la ropa, está mojada take off your clothes, they're wet
    • voy a cambiarme de ropa I'm going to get changed
    • me pillas en ropa de andar por casa you've caught me in my scruffy clothes
    • la canasta de la ropa sucia the dirty laundry basket
    • ropa usada secondhand clothes
    • echa aquí toda la ropa sucia que tengas if you have any laundry / (dirty) washing / anything that needs washing, put it here
    • tengo un montón de ropa para planchar I've got a stack of ironing to do
    • lo echaron al agua con la ropa puesta they threw him in the water fully clothed / with all his clothes on
    • me compro la ropa hecha I buy ready-to-wear clothes
    • iba ligera de ropa(s) she was scantily dressed / clad
    • a quema ropa
    • hay ropa tendida walls have ears
    • nadar y guardar la ropa to hedge one's bets
    • la ropa sucia se lava en casa one shouldn't wash one's dirty linen in public