Translation of rumbo in English:


direction, n.

masculine noun

  • 1

    Nautical course
    caminaba sin rumbo fijo she wandered aimlessly
    • partió (con) rumbo a Toluca he set off for Toluca
    • abandonó el país (con) rumbo a Francia she left the country bound for France
    • navegábamos con rumbo norte we were sailing northward(s) / north
    • el barco puso rumbo a la costa italiana the boat set a course for / headed for the Italian coast
    • los acontecimientos han tomado un rumbo trágico events have taken a tragic turn
    • a partir de entonces su vida tomó un nuevo rumbo that changed the course of his life
    • la poesía española inició un nuevo rumbo Spanish poetry began to move in a new direction / took a new turn
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