Translation of soler in English:


intransitive verb

  • 1

    soler + inf
    • suele venir por aquí una vez a la semana she usually comes by once a week
    • no suele retrasarse ¿qué le habrá pasado? he's not usually late, what can have happened to him?
    • lo que se suele olvidar es que … what tends to be forgotten is …
    • solía correr todas las mañanas antes de ir a trabajar he used to go for a run every morning before setting off for work
    • como suele decirse en estos casos … as is usually / normally said in these cases …
    • los electricistas suelen trabajar por cuenta propia electricians tend to be self-employed / are usually self-employed
    • los tés que solían celebrar the tea parties that they were in the habit of holding / that they used to hold