Translation of tampoco in English:


not … either, adv.


  • 1

    not … either
    yo tampoco entendí I didn't understand either
    • tampoco sabe francés / no sabe francés tampoco she doesn't speak French either
    • ¿has estado en Londres? — no — ¿y en París? — tampoco have you been to London? — no — how about Paris? — no, I haven't been there either
    • él no lo va a hacer y yo tampoco he isn't going to do it and neither am I
    • Daniel no ha vuelto — (ni) Isabel tampoco Daniel hasn't come back — neither has Isabel / nor has Isabel / Isabel hasn't either
    • ella no lo conoce — (ni) yo tampoco she doesn't know him — me neither
  • 2

    (uso expletivo)
    bueno, tampoco es para ponerse así come on, there's no need to get like that about it
    • tampoco estaría de más recordárselo it wouldn't be a bad idea to remind her