Translation of tras in English:


after, prep


  • 1

    • 1.1formal (después de)

      tras esta aplastante derrota in the wake of / following / after this crushing defeat
      • tras los incidentes de ayer after yesterday's incidents
      • tras + inf after -ing
      • tras interrogarlo lo pusieron en libertad after questioning him they released him

    • 1.2(indicando repetición)

      día tras día day after day
      • me dijo una mentira tras otra she told me one lie after another

    • 1.3

      tras (de) que/tras (de)
      • tras (de) que llega tarde or tras (de) llegar tarde se pone a charlar not only does he arrive late, but he then starts talking

  • 2

    (detrás de)
    la puerta se cerró tras él the door closed behind him
    • la policía anda tras él the police are looking for him / are after him
    • todos van / están tras la recompensa they are all after the reward