Translation of tratar in English:


to try, v.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to try
    tratar de + inf to try to + inf
    • trate de comprender try and understand
    • traten de no llegar tarde try not to be late
    • tratar de que + subj
    • trata de que queden a la misma altura try and get them level
    • trataré de que no vuelva a suceder I'll try to make sure it doesn't happen again
  • 2

    tratar de / sobre algo
    • ¿de qué trata el libro? what's the book about?
    • la conferencia tratará sobre medicina alternativa the lecture will deal with / will be on the subject of alternative medicine
  • 3

    (tener contacto, relaciones)
    tratar con algn to deal with sb
    • en mi trabajo trato con gente de todo tipo in my job I deal with / come into contact with all kinds of people
    • tratar con él no es nada fácil he's not at all easy to get on with
    • prefiero tratar directamente con el fabricante I prefer to deal directly with the manufacturer
  • 4

    tratar en algo to deal in sth
    • tratar en joyas/antigüedades to deal in jewels/antiques
    • los mercaderes que trataban en esclavos/pieles the merchants who dealt / traded in slaves/furs

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      to treat
      me tratan muy bien/como si fuera de la familia they treat me very well/as if I were one of the family
      • trata la guitarra con más cuidado be more careful with the guitar

    • 1.2(llamar)

      tratar a algn de algo to call sb sth
      • ¿me estás tratando de mentiroso? are you calling me a liar?
      • tratar a algn de usted/tú to address sb using the polite usted or the more familiar tú form
      • a mi suegro nunca lo he tratado de usted I've never called my father-in-law 'usted'

  • 2

    lo trataba cuando era joven I saw quite a lot of him when I was young
    • nunca lo he tratado I have never had any contact with him / any dealings with him
  • 3

    vamos a tratar primero los puntos de mayor urgencia let's deal with / discuss the more pressing issues first
    • no sé cómo tratar esta cuestión I don't know how to deal with / handle this matter
    • el libro trata la Revolución Francesa desde una óptica inusual the book looks at the French Revolution from an unusual angle
    • esto no se puede tratar delante de los niños we can't discuss this in front of the children
  • 4

    • 4.1

      (paciente/enfermedad) to treat

    • 4.2

      (metal/sustancia/madera) to treat
      cultivos tratados con insectidas crops treated with insecticides

pronominal verb

  • 1

    (relacionarse, tener contacto)
    • 1.1

      tratarse con algn
      • no me gusta la gente con la que se trata I don't like the people he mixes with
      • se trata con gente de la alta sociedad she moves in high circles
      • ¿tú te tratas con los Rucabado? are you friendly with the Rucabados?

    • 1.2(recíproco)

      somos parientes pero no nos tratamos we're related but we never see each other / we never have anything to do with each other

  • 2

    • 2.1(recíproco)

      se tratan de usted/tú they address each other as 'usted'/'tú'
      • se tratan sin ningún respeto they have / show no respect for each other

    • 2.2

      to treat oneself
      ¡qué mal te tratas, eh! you know how to look after yourself, don't you?

  • 3

    (seguir un tratamiento)
    to have treatment
    to undergo treatment
  • 4

    tratarse de
  • 5

    (ser acerca de)
    to be about
    ¿de qué se trata? what does it concern? formal
    • se trata de Roy it's about Roy
  • 6

    (ser cuestión de)
    se trata de arreglar la situación, no de discutir we're supposed to be settling things, not arguing
    • si solo se trata de eso, hazlo pasar ahora if that's all it is / if that's all he wants, show him in now
    • bueno, si se trata de echarle un vistazo nada más … OK, if it's just a question of having a quick look at it …
  • 7

    se trata de la estrella del equipo we're talking about / he is the star of the team
    • tratándose de usted, no creo que haya inconvenientes since it's for you / in your case I don't think there will be any problems