There are 2 main translations of tu in Spanish

: tu12


your, adj.


  • 1

    tus amigos your friends
    • hágase tu voluntad thy will be done

There are 2 main translations of tu in Spanish

: tu12


you, pron.

personal pronoun

  • 1

    • 1.1(como sujeto)

      ¿quién lo va a hacer? — tú who's going to do it? — you are
      • ¡oye, tú! hey, you!
      • tú no te metas, no es asunto tuyo you keep out of it, it's none of your business
      • lo que tú digas, cariño whatever you say, darling
      • ¡mira que eres tozudo! — ¿y tú? boy, are you stubborn! — you can talk! / what about you?
      • tratar de tú a algn to address sb using the familiar tú form

    • 1.2(en comparaciones, con ciertas preposiciones)

      llegó después que tú he arrived after you (did)
      • es tan capaz como tú he's as capable as you (are)
      • entre tú y tu padre me van / (Spain) me vais a enloquecer you and your father between you are going to drive me mad
      • entre tú y yo between you and me
      • según tú according to you
      • de tú a tú on equal terms

  • 2

    one formal
    te dan varias opciones y tú eliges la mejor you're given several options and you choose the best one


familiar form of address