Translation of turno in English:


masculine noun

  • 1

    va a la academia en el turno de (la) tarde she goes to school in the afternoons
    • hay dos turnos: mañana y tarde there are two shifts: morning and afternoon
    • la reducción de horarios no se aplicará a los que hacen turnos the reduction in hours will not apply to those who work shifts / to shift workers
    • tiene turno de noche he is on night duty / on (the) night shift
  • 2

  • 3

    (en un orden)
    pedir turno to ask who is last in the line / queue US British
    • guárdeme el turno, ahora mismo vuelvo could you keep my place in the line, I'll be right back
    • ya verás cuando te toque el turno a ti you'll see when your turn comes
    • espera a que te llegue el turno wait until it's your go
    • cuidémoslo por turnos let's take turns looking after him
    • de turno of the moment
    • llegó con el novio de turno she turned up with her boyfriend of the moment