Translation of ustedes in English:


you, pron.

plural personal pronoun

  • 1

    (como sujeto)
    ¿quién lo va a hacer? — ustedes who's going to do it? — you (are)
    • y ustedes, señores ¿qué desean? what can I do for you, gentlemen?
    • ustedes mismos lo dijeron you said so yourselves
    • ustedes no van, no me importa lo que hagan los otros chicos I don't care what the other children are doing, you're not going
  • 2

    (en comparaciones, con preposiciones)
    llegamos después que ustedes we arrived after you (did)
    • no tienen tantos empleados como ustedes they don't have as many employees as you
    • ¿se lo ofrecieron a ustedes? did they offer it to you?
    • con/contra/para ustedes with/against/for you
  • 3

    de ustedes yours
    • son de ustedes they're yours


In most of Spain vosotros is the familiar plural form of address but in the rest of the Spanish-speaking world ustedes is used as the familiar as well as the polite form