Translation of vosotros in English:


you, pron.

plural personal pronoun

  • 1

    (como sujeto)
    ¿quién lo va a hacer? — vosotros who's going to do it? — you (are)
    • vosotros, niños ¡a la cama! time for bed, children!
    • hacedlo vosotras
    • (often in spoken language) hacerlo vosotras you do it
    • lo podéis hacer vosotros mismos you can do it yourselves
  • 2

    (en comparaciones, con preposiciones)
    jugaron mejor que vosotros they played better than you (did)
    • tienen tanto derecho como vosotras they have as much right as you (have)
    • a vosotros os veré mañana I'll see you tomorrow
    • con/contra/para vosotros with/against/for you


This familiar form of address is not normally used in Latin America or in certain parts of Spain, where ustedes is used as the familiar as well as the polite form