Translation of zafar in English:


to untie, v.

transitive verb

  • 1Colombia

    (nudo) to untie
    (tuerca) to unscrew
    (persona/animal) to let … loose
  • 2Venezuela, Chile, Mexico

    (dedo/brazo) to dislocate
  • 3Chile

    (embarcación) to refloat

intransitive verb

  • 1

    zafa, ya estoy harta de tus excusas give me a break, I'm tired of your excuses informal

pronominal verb

  • 1

    (de un compromiso)
    zafarse de algo to get / wriggle out of sth
  • 2

    (soltarse, de un compromiso)
    (persona/animal) to get loose
    (animal/persona) to get away
  • 3

    (hilo/costura) to come undone
    (hilo/costura) to come unstitched
    (nudo/lazo) to come undone
    la cortina se zafó del riel the curtain came off the rail
  • 4

    me zafé la muñeca / se me zafó la muñeca I dislocated my wrist